'The most genius things are found in it's simplicity'

Dance teacher, performer and creator




After finishing her Bachelor's Degree in Dance Education at the Dance Academy Codarts in Rotterdam in 2013, Lotte Dekkers - heavily inspired by David Zambrano - continued to specialize in contemporary Floorwork. She attended several dance intensives abroad taught by David Zambrano himself, where she trained to master 'flying low' and 'passing through' as a performer and creator. Inspired by his work,  she is nowadays exploring how to transmit her philosophy as a dance artist through her own dance intensives and classes. 


Besides her own research Lotte is a (guest)teacher at several schools: Talent development department Danshuis Haarlem, Dance Academy Fontys, and Danscentrum Utrecht. She is also actively engaged as a creator and performer in several projects where she contributes to dance pieces for dancers of all levels. 

In the educational field she develops and improves projects for Dans in School where she also works with children to ensure that everybody has the chance to experience dance.


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